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If you are interested in completing a reiki course please contact me for further details or to book a place.

My next Level one course is Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th April 2019

My next Level two course is May 2019 Date to be confirmed

I offer Reiki one to one training as well as small group training.
All courses are kept small, (maximum of six people) to allow more individual time to develop and learn how to use Reiki in your life.

Reiki First Degree (Shoden)

Bring things into balance with Reiki.

Reiki is easy to learn and anyone of any age can use it. You do not need to have any prior experience of Reiki and you do not even need to believe in Reiki: it will still work for you!

On a Reiki First Degree course you will be connected to the energy (attuned) and learn the history of Reiki.
You will be shown how to use Reiki in your everyday life to treat yourself and your family.
You will also learn a simple set of principles to live by. Reiki is not a religion, and it is practised by people from all walks of life.
This beautiful energy will bring you back in touch with yourself and help you to cope with the everyday difficulties we all experience.

The cost for this course is £150.00 for two days training and includes a comprehensive Reiki I Manual and follow up meeting.

Reiki Second Degree (Okuden)

You will learn how to use three Japanese symbols to further enhance the effectiveness of your treatments.

The Course content will include:

Receiving the Second Degree Attunement
Learn about the three sacred Reiki symbols - their names, how to draw them, their many uses and how to work with them.
Distant/Absent Healing
Work on each other using the new symbols and experience their unique energy.
Learning and using various Japanese techniques, the many hands technique, Japanese scanning/Reiji Ho.
You are able to practice Reiki on a professional basis at the end of this course and will be given information about how to get insurance.

On going support is offered as well as Reiki meets to help you develop your new skills following the course.

The cost for this course is £175.00 for two days training and includes a comprehensive Reiki II Manual as well as ongoing support.

Reiki Master/Teacher

Reiki Master level is available and I will be happy to discuss this with you further.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss any of these courses further.

Testimonials from previous courses

‪A wonderful weekend a beautiful peaceful setting. Jan is an amazing lady, a unique crystal full of empathy and warmth.‬‬
‪Thank you Jan‬‬
‪I look forward to seeing you again in 21 days and at Reiki 2. ‬ ‬

I've just finished my Level One Reiki with Jan & I can't recommend it enough. Lovely, warm & friendly woman, beautiful treatment room.
I've learnt so much & all of the little extras were greatly appreciated
I look forward to returning for Level 2

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