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Reflexology, Baby and toddler reflex

Foot or Hand Reflexology

Reflexology is a relaxing massage of the feet, hands or face which is derived originally from ancient healing practices.
Reflexology has been used since ancient times, in Egypt, India, China and even among the American Indians. It was introduced to the West by Dr William Fitzgerald who developed 'Zone theory', in which areas on the feet, hands and head were linked to other areas and organs of the body within the same zone. He demonstrated this by putting clothes pegs on the nostrils, earlobes or fingers and toes and producing a sensation of numbness on another area. In the 1930's, Eunice Ingham - known as the "Mother of Reflexology" - further developed this into what we know as Reflexology.

Foot or Hand Reflexology Session
During a foot or hand reflexology session the reflexologist will apply specific massage techniques to the reflex points of the feet or hands - which are believed to correspond to organs, systems and energy centres, meridians of the body. The session is fully clothed with only the removal of footwear and is carried out either on a chair or couch.

Clients often report a feeling of complete calm and relaxation and many fall asleep during the session.
It offers you time out from everyday pressures to relax.

Reflexology can :
- help with any stress related condition
- aid sleep
- relive tension
- improve circulation,
-increase energy levels
-bring the whole body and mind into balance

What to expect on your first visit
An initial consultation will take place on your first visit during which your reflexologist will ask about your medical history and lifestyle.
This ensures the reflexology session can be adapted to meet your individual needs.

First visit 60 minutes including consultation £40
45 minutes session £35

Facial and Foot Reflexology. feet massage

Facial Reflexology

This therapy is deeply calming and offers some additional benefits to foot reflexology. The first benefit of Facial Reflexology (which includes deep tissue facial massage) is total relaxation. Facial reflexology can produce a natural Botox effect by relaxing facial muscles; it can tighten the skin by improving muscle tone; and it can give you a healthy radiant glow that makes you look as good as you feel, and feel as good as you look. This method of facial reflexology was developed by Ziggie Bergman who took the zone theory and adapted it for Facial Reflexology, building on the work of Fitzgerald and Ingham.

How does facial reflexology work?

You may have heard of foot or hand Reflexology. Facial Reflexology works on the same principles, but the treatment takes place on your face and head. This non-invasive treatment is based on the theory that areas on your face are connected to areas of your body, and stimulating them improves underlying energy imbalances which promotes wellbeing. The proximity of the face to the brain is key to the effectiveness of this original therapy. This can make you feel and look good.

Facial Reflexology is not a beauty treatment. However, it does have some beauty side effects, including quite literally ‘lifting' the face to make your face feel and look smoother and more toned. It also encourages lymphatic drainage, stimulates the facial nerves, increases blood flow and muscle tone, helps to build up new skin tissue and improves skin tone.

Facial Reflexology aims to help reduce the symptoms and effects of many common ailments including stress, IBS, pain, depression, MS, menstrual and hormonal ailments and sleep disorders. Facial reflexology treatments are very popular during pregnancy and are often used to help promote a shorter and natural labour.

First visit 60 minutes including consultation £50
45 minutes session £45

Facial and Foot Reflexology. facial reflexology

Baby and Toddler reflex

Baby Reflex is a gentle form of reflexology created especially for babies, infants and toddlers from one month to three years (and on!).
This soothing form of finger-tip and thumb pressure has been specially created for parents to give to their babies on their feet and to their toddlers on their hands. Parents can adjust the treatment to suit their own child’s needs.
Baby Reflex was developed by Jenny Lee, a Chartered Physiotherapist and qualified Reflexologist, following 15 years’ extensive research into the effects of regular Reflexology on Childhood Asthma. The main effects found of relaxation, improved sleep and child/parent bonding encouraged Jenny to create baby reflex in 2005.
Babies love being touched and cuddled. Gentle, loving touch helps them to feel part of the family. Most babies enjoy their feet being stroked and will soon learn when to offer their feet for this enjoyable bonding treatment. Parents giving baby reflex to their baby’s feet may strengthen the natural loving bond between mother and baby and father and baby. It has been found that parents may easily calm their babies with this fuss free, convenient and soothing treatment.
Babies become Toddlers when they find their feet and explore the world. With this in mind, working on a Toddler’s hands is natural and effective. Penny Odhams has developed a routine, accompanied by nursery rhymes and lullabies. This routine takes a few minutes to apply, is very appealing to Parents and Toddlers alike and is great fun to share.
Baby Reflex 4 Toddlers aims to:
Encourage and develop the bonding between Parent and Toddler.
Be relaxing
Be calming, especially for those toddler tantrums!
Improve sleep, great before bed!
Support the developing body by improving wellbeing
The Baby Reflex 4 Toddlers Course is made up of three, one hour, sessions. In the first two sessions you will learn the routine. In the final session you will be able to report on progress, discuss experiences, consolidate your techniques and answer any concerns that you may have.
Examples of Comments regarding baby reflex, received by baby reflex Head Office from Parents.
“I give a few minutes of calming techniques when I notice him becoming “twitchy.””
Irish teenage mum on combining baby reflex calming techniques with her son’smedication for epilepsy.
“We have all had good nights of sleep, since I started giving the twins, five minutes of
Baby reflex at 4.00 pm. This has continued for the past six days.”
London mother and father coping with their lively twin sons of 3 months.
“All my family and friends have noticed the difference in our daughter’s behaviour since I started giving her daily, just five minutes of baby reflex. She is now so much happier and contented!”
Cardiff mother commenting on the positive change in her daughter’s moods.

To find out when our next Baby and Toddler Reflex workshops are taking place Or if you are interested in a Private 1-1 consultation and treatment please get in contact.

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