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Holistic Facials

Holistic Massage and facials

Holistic Facials

Organic beauty facial using Tropic beauty products. Organic beauty facials improve the appearance and health of your skin if you have them on a regular basis. Having a facial every two to four weeks using these beautiful products can have many benefits such as:

- slowing down premature ageing
- relaxation of muscles
- improved circulation promoting healthier skin
- improved mood and reducessed stress
- brighter and healthier looking skin

All organic facials will be tailored to your skin type and condition using Tropic products.
Tropic is a British company which uses natural, fresh and green products that are also cruelty free.

We believe plants and fruits that flourish in challenging tropical climates are the most nutritious and beneficial for the skin.
That's why our ingredients are sustainably sourced from the Amazon rainforest, Polynesia, Australia and many more exotic tropical regions brimming with powerful botanical actives.
We use fresh, premium, natural ingredients like nourishing seed butters, juicy fruit extracts and aromatic essential oils.
Our skincare and body care products are all freshly made in our Surrey Beauty Kitchen by our Beauty Chefs every day.
We always strive to be at the forefront of natural ingredients research. Our formulations are supercharged with innovative ingredients such as plant ceramides and encapsulated vitamins, embracing the latest green technologies.
In an industry that often overlooks animal welfare and the environment, we promise never to test on animals, nor use derivatives that cause them distress. That's why we stand withy Cruelty Free International, The Vegan Society and PETA as a 100% cruelty-free brand, now and always.

Mini Holistic Facial
This lasts 30 minutes and is a good introduction to the products and having regular facials.
It includes cleanse, polish, mask, tone and moisturise. Take time for yourself and give your skin a treat.

Full Holistic Facial
This treatment lasts 60 minutes.
Your session will not only leave your face fully cleansed and nourished but also your body relaxed.
The facial includes everything you receive in the mini facial and also a facial massage to relax and firm the underlying muscles.
This improves the complexion of the skin and helps reduce the signs of ageing. In addition you will receive either a hand and arm massage or
a head massage to further relax your mind and body leaving you to float away from the stresses of the world.

Mini Holistic facial
30 minutes £25

Holistic facial (Using Tropic products)
60 minutes £40

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